The main driver that determines the purchase of private label products is convenience. According to the Coop Research Office, based on Circana data, 83% of Italian consumers declare that they purchase #privatelabel products to cope with price increases, while being aware of not giving up on quality.

Over the years, retailers have been able to establish a relationship of trust with customers. They recognize the ability of Private Labels to innovate and respond to their requests for #sustainable, #ethical and “good for you” products.

The objectives of Private Labels for the next few years are clear and declared: to increase their margins and market share, and to offer consumers quality products and purchasing experiences.

Therefore, as the shelf spaces are owned by retailers, what can brand companies do?

Today, brands no longer have a choice: they have to work on their market positioning, they have to talk about and regain control of their direct relationship with consumers, through offers that are of value for consumers, and not only on a tangible and therefore replicable level.