Major multinational firms dominate the well & oilfield services sector, overseeing everything from well construction to integrated main services. In contrast, smaller regional entities, technologically specialized, offer a select set of services. This creates a diverse competitive landscape, where these giants often operate both as competitors and as customers of specialized regional players, to whom they often outsource the provision of certain activities.

This complexity, associated with the uncertainties connected to the oil sector, makes it essential, especially for independent and smaller players, to clearly define their strategic path, developing considerations starting from three main elements:

  1.  The growth objective, evaluating how much it represents a necessity, given the opportunity to maintain small dimensions to promote operational agility and efficiency;
  2. The level of specialization, evaluating the possible expansion of the portfolio of services to be offered over time;
  3. The analysis of the moves of the large players, to predict their possible future role in the provision of services which currently constitute the core business of small regional players.