Whether it’s from years of continuous product range expansion or due to significant shifts in the company or its market, revising the portfolio strategy is crucial for economic and competitive success. 

Reviewing and fine-tuning your offer has clear advantages in both the short and long term, above all in cost savings:

  1. Directing efforts solely towards products and services with satisfactory margins prevents resource wastage and cuts unnecessary costs.
  2. Creating an organized and valuable offering, which addresses both product and service needs for your target audience, enhances the overall perceived value of the brand/company, positioning it distinctively in the market.
  3. Over time, with proper management and communication, this approach can lead to a boost in the company’s overall equity.

A Portfolio Strategy, like all aspects of a business, must evolve with time or in response to significant events. Yet, when it’s well-structured — like with the establishment of clear “operating rules” — it serves as a guiding light, helping management navigate even the most complex decisions.

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